America’s Top Photographer

what i watched was that there was 5 contestants that are being judged based on their photography skills. the fist episode was about to take a picture of action aka sports photography . they were all being judge who took the best picture that really tells the story of the persons sport. and Roxy won […]


JPEG: JPEG is essentially set up to store as many images on the memory card as possible. TIFF: is a much bigger file, so will take much more space both on your memory cards and also for storage on your computer. RAW: raw mode is available on advanced compact cameras and DSLRs and quite simply put […]


I have a strong composition in all three photos because all three photos have a good frame i did well to edit my photographs because i fixed the lighting and made the other two photos in like a vintage pictures. What I would do differently if I shot this assignment again would be to take […]

Photo Portraits

5 tips Never select all of the focus points for portraits just pick one. Always focus on the eyes. Shoot in the shade avoid direct sunlight. Shoot wide open for shallow depth of field. Never, ever shoot a portrait at less than 50mm, try to stay at 70mm or higher.

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: this camera mode tells your camera to use the its best ability to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot that it can.  This mode will give you nice results in many shooting conditions. Portrait Mode: this camera mode is a mode that your camera uses […]

20 important facts about lenses

one important fact is that all DSLR systems offer a dizzying selection of lenses for their cameras.  another important fact is that a fisheye lenses give up to 180° field of view, to telephoto lenses up to 800mm or more.  and when you buy a less expensive lens you will have variable Apertures. and this […]


why i choose this Photo becauseThe angle made it seem like the person sitting on top of the Rockies and other rockIs closer to the camera and the person is farther to the camera which makes the illusion of the person sitting in top of the rock.And I think this photo successful becauseMany people use […]